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Now that we are living in a post COVID-19 pandemic world, a lot has changed. The new normal is that more and more people are connecting for work from different places.


While physical offices still play an important part, the threat landscape has drastically changed since your “office” can be virtually anywhere in the world.  

This means your company’s network just changed dramatically and the risk has increased exponentially. Companies are trying harder than ever to stay ahead of cyber-crime.

There is a high demand for cybersecurity professionals which means right now, more than ever, your cybersecurity education is vital! 

According to Business Insider
cyber crime increased 600%
during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cybersecurity, also known as information security, is the methods, technologies and processes that are created and implemented to protect information and data of all types from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, modification, or disruption.

This is a vital component to the structure of an organizations overall business risk.  

Becoming certified in cybersecurity is a great opportunity to quickly gain access to a variety of skillsets. 


We’ve partnered with the best accrediting bodies in the cybersecurity industry to bring you top tiered certifications that give you real world experience and immediate recognition.

We offer multiple ways to learn. Choose to work at your own pace or complete an immersive bootcamp style class. Either style of training gives you the knowledge you need to not only become certified, but to prove you have the skills it takes to help defend and protect a company from the next cyber threat, all while still working full time. 

Why use Glacier Cyber Alliance for your certification needs?

Here, at Glacier Cyber Alliance we believe education is vital in the cybersecurity sector. Our CEO, Jeff Wilson created this company to help bridge the gap between those defending company networks and the knowledge they need to do it right.

Jeff joined the Marine Corps in 2001, 5 days before 9/11.

He served for 4 years, leaving in 2005 after two combat tours. When he became a civilian again, he knew he wanted to continue his career making an impact on the world.


Knowing the emerging threat landscape was cyber, he started down the career path of protecting and defending companies from their adversaries through IT and Cybersecurity. 

For over a decade, he traveled to over 20 countries and worked with hundreds of clients to understand the global impact of cyber threats. During this time, he noticed a need for cybersecurity education. He noticed that most IT teams are reacting to the issues of the day and weren’t able to transition into a proactive model.  

Knowing that time is a highly coveted commodity, he set out to create an educational forum, connecting his peers and those interested in starting a career in cybersecurity with the education needed to help stop our adversaries at a pace that works for each person. 


Why Cybersecurity and Why Now? 
According to Monster, the cybersecurity industry currently has a 0% unemployment rate.

US News 100 Best Jobs for 2022 ranks Information Security Analyst as the NUMBER 1 job with an average salary of $103,590.  

Upcoming Courses


CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Learn the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to lawfully hack an organization. 


C|CISO (Certified Chief Information Security Officer)

Get the industry-leading certification that recognizes the real-world experience necessary to succeed at the highest executive levels of information security. 


C|CT (Certified Cybersecurity Technician)

This entry-level certification program is engineered to address specifically the increasing need for cybersecurity technicians with strong foundational skills making them Job-Ready! 

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