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What is an entry level cybersecurity position?

An entry level position is one where you’re working to get your foot in the door so you can start your career in IT and Cybersecurity. It’s a fundamental step in building a strong foundation where you can then choose to grow in many directions. Once you’ve mastered the foundational understanding of systems, processes, and cybersecurity concepts, you can take that knowledge and build upon it. Without a solid foundation, you’ll never be able to build a strong career in any of the specialties. It all starts at the base and then you add layers. 


What CAREERS can be found in entry level?

     Network Specialist
     Network Security Analyst
     Network Technician
     Help Desk Technician
     Technical Support Specialist
     Systems Specialist
     Cybersecurity Specialist
     Cyber Forensic Specialist
     IT Security Specialist
     SOC Analyst


What type of CERTIFICATIONS can I get to start my career in cybersecurity?

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