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Our CEO personally vets every instructor in our certification program. We make sure that you have access to someone who you will gain the most knowledge from.

When you step into one of our classes, our goal is to not only ensure you get certified, but make sure you understand how the new tools, techniques and procedures work in the real world.


Spending 5 days with our instructors and your peers will be life changing. You will learn from instructors who are experts in the industry and understand what the world is currently facing.  You also get the opportunity to meet peers, build your network and make lifelong connections. Our goal is to build a lifelong alliance of cybersecurity professionals that can call on each other when needed.

Here is a list of all the courses you have access to from our Online Instructor Led lineup:
  • CEHv11 Bootcamp
  • C|CISO Bootcamp
  • C|CSE Bootcamp
  • C|CT Bootcamp
  • CHFI v10
  • C|SA / C|TIA Combined Bootcamp
  • E|CIH / EDRP Combined Bootcamp
  • CND
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